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    if someone writes you a letter or makes you a mixtape or composes a poem or song about you or creates literally anything for you then you had better cherish the absolute shit out of that person because they care about you a real lot

    um…. or not…. you’re never obligated to like someone just because they’ve given you something you didn’t ask for. who wrote this shit

    one time someone sent me a vocaroo of them jerking off

    cherish them

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    This is how losers feel
    I am a loser

    And you’re here to remind me

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  5. Mad Max the Dog!

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    literally same

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    Why is there so much blood in my alcohol system?

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    Time is a flat circle.

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    here’s a 13 second video of ducks bobbing their heads to bossa nova music

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    "I fucked up, guys. I fucked up."

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  13. "Sometimes I feel like I’m not solid. I’m hollow. There’s nothing behind my eyes. I’m a negative of a person. All I want is blackness, blackness and silence."
    — Sylvia Plath  (via 144-000)

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  14. "The only serious question in life is whether to kill yourself or not."
    — Albert Camus (via malevia)

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    The Imperium of Mankind in a nutshell



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